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 November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

If you are looking to add a new animal addition to your family, why not consider adopting a senior pet?  While we love seeing the new puppies and kittens come into the animal hospital, we also are so happy when we see clients that have adopted older animals.  Many of these senior animals have been surrendered to shelters or rescue groups due to circumstances beyond their control.  Some of the common reasons are: family moves somewhere that they can't have pets, family has children and can't care for pets, family can't financially afford animal anymore, owner passes away.  Certainly, there are some animals that come with baggage and have medical or behavioral issues; most shelters and rescue groups fully disclose all of the issues to help you decide if a certain animal is right for you.

Some clients actually prefer having an older animal, as they avoid crazy and activeness of younger animals, and also have animals that are already housebroken and trained. 

You can contact your local shelter or search on to search for available animals. 

Northern Rhode Island Animal Hospital  - Adopt a Senior Pet