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Hot Weather Safety 

We all love the thought of summer and the warmer weather to spend more time outside, and often we bring along our pets to join in on the fun.  We encourage you to keep in mind that our furry friends are often affected by and react more adversely to the hot weather then we do, and often it is best for them to avoid the extreme heat. Use you judgement in these situations, and if you are questioning if it is too hot to bring your pet along, it probably is, and leaving them home in a nice air-conditioned setting is the best option. 

                                                   Northern Rhode Island Animal Hospital - Heat Safety Infographic from dvm multimedia             

We all have heard repeatedly about the danger of leaving a pet in your car in the heat, but do you know how hot it really gets in there? Dog's can suffer heatstroke, other life-threatening complications or even death in just the few minutes that it takes for you to run your errand.  Leave them at home! You can visit to get more information regarding this and also to order and print fliers and educational materials that you can use to inform others. 

Rhode Island Law Regarding Animals Left in Hot Cars

Massachusetts Law Regarding Animals Left in Hot Cars